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We have helped the people of Des Moines hear better for over 27 years.

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Helping U Hear: Our Story

Helping U Hear is an independent practice owned and operated by Dr. Sandra Hobson. Dr. Hobson has first-hand experience with hearing loss as she has worn hearing aids since she was a child. Her experience and unique perspective allows her to better help patients manage their hearing loss. She opened Helping U Hear 27 years ago, after teaching for 5 years at the local medical University, so she could help those in her community hear better. She is dedicated to educating patients on their hearing health and managing hearing loss through more than just hearing aids. Dr. Hobson is also an advocate for finding funding when clients are unable to pay.

At Helping U Hear, we are dedicated to finding individualized solutions for you. When you come to our independent practice, you’ll be treated like family, because that’s who operates our practice. Trust your hearing with someone who understands the first-hand effects of hearing loss and wants to help you hear better.

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Sandra Hobson


Dr. Sandra Hobson

Dr. Hobson has had severe hearing loss since she was 2 years old. After being followed by the Iowa Crippled Children's Clinics and fit with a hearing aid as a child, she immediately knew she wanted to pursue a career in audiology. Dr. Hobson went through extensive training at the University of Iowa, was one of the first licensed audiologist in Iowa, and has independently owned and operated Helping U Hear for over 27 years. Dr. Hobson is heavily involved in various community service programs. She has dedicated her time to helping those with hearing loss. Dr. Hobson has experience as an educational audiologist, observed several surgical procedures at ENT practices, taught medical students, was an international speaker at several conferences, and helped develop a police training video as well as one for caregivers.

Dr. Hobson has been an incredible advocate for the deaf community. She has donated hearing aid batteries to various schools and programs, participates in Cell Phones for Soldiers, gives donations to the Lions Club’s Sight and Hearing Foundation, and sponsored the “ABC5WeAreIowa” news captioning. Dr. Hobson’s extensive work in her community and at Helping U Hear has demonstrated her dedication to helping everyone hear better.


Staff member Keyauna

Keyauna manages the front office and delivers outstanding customer service to the patients who come to Helping U Hear. Keyauna is the first and last hearing healthcare assistant patients see when they come in. Patients are always delighted to see Keyauna because of her positive attitude and helpful demeanor. She is passionate about helping people experience better hearing and wants to help them receive the best care possible. Keyauna has been with the Helping U Hear team for over 2 years.


Staff member Juan

Juan is known as the “repair man” here at Helping U Hear. He is an expert at servicing hearing aids and helps patients with their hearing aid maintenance and repairs. Juan has many positions in the office but his passion is fixing hearing aids. Juan has been with the Helping U Hear team for 4 years. He is ambitious and enjoys helping patients with their hearing aids.


Staff member Ruth

Ruth is the “go to” person at Helping U Hear. She ensures patients receive excellent service and is always available to help. She trains employees, manages assignments, provides customer service, and is responsible for billing. Ruth enjoys learning as much as she can about the hearing healthcare industry so she can continue to provide the best support and fit the most innovate devices to patients. Ruth enjoys assisting Dr. Hobson and is studying to become a hearing aid specialist.

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